Make the Cut! Film Editing Workshops at the Cinematheques

Starting this August 2016, the Film Development Council of the Philippines, in partnership with the National Film Archives of the Philippines, Mowelfund and the Film ASEAN, will have a series of film editing workshops that will be held at all FDCP Cinematheques across the country. Students, cineastes, and young film professionals who have the desire … More Make the Cut! Film Editing Workshops at the Cinematheques

How Films Became Big

The Lion King (1994, Walt Disney Fiction Animation), Jumanji (1995, Joe Johnston), and Titanic (1997, James Cameron) are my top three biggest examples of good and deserving-to- be-viewed- multiple-times films, they were all created during the 90’s and are still part of our playlists until now. I can say that most of the good films … More How Films Became Big

10 Graphic Links on Pinterest that help you get there

Visual artists are abstract individuals who has their own language that audiences should keep in mind. The moment they’re given creative briefs of design demands, they’re already multiple steps ahead making their studies A to Z, because one or two are not enough to get them satisfied with their outputs. One thing that gives them ample motivation to move a … More 10 Graphic Links on Pinterest that help you get there

Proven Guilty

I hope my dreams doesn’t have to do with what’s going to happen. Another one goes: There was a reported murder of two Filipino women working overseas. The suspect was a female Indian who was known as these women’s employer. The suspect was proven guilty after being identified by unnamed witnesses. I watched this news … More Proven Guilty

Post Grad Apprentice

The first thing I had in mind was quit. People my age are doing well in their career paths and I’m here acting like a bum who doesn’t have any idea where she’s going. It’s been my second year of employment, yet nothing new or life-changing is happening.  Time to switch  paths, maybe? I wish it was that … More Post Grad Apprentice