Proven Guilty

I hope my dreams doesn’t have to do with what’s going to happen. Another one goes: There was a reported murder of two Filipino women working overseas. The suspect was a female Indian who was known as these women’s employer. The suspect was proven guilty after being identified by unnamed witnesses. I watched this news … More Proven Guilty

Make her Stay

I guess the month of September is a parade of creepy in my subconscious life. Little by little its getting into my nerves, that it can get me killed in my sleep. I was in Japan. I never thought I’d see a place like this, I only saw this kind of setting on Studio Ghibli’s fiction … More Make her Stay

Amusement of Creepy

I am an Acrophobic and I hate it when I don’t feel gravity on my feet. I’m a lucid dreamer and I dream about stories that doesn’t have to do anything about me. Maybe it’s the story of someone else’s past life, or what I’m going to be a hundred years from now. Here goes. It felt like … More Amusement of Creepy

Fires of India

I came from a dreadful press work session and I was really exhausted. I though I’m off to a good rest but what I had was a mentally horrid dream. It’s so vivid that I can even recite it repeatedly in full detail, the color, the details, everything except I can’t identify their faces. And oh, … More Fires of India