Baka Bukas, the wonderland

Ano’ng Tingin Mo? (What do you think?)

One of the few benefits of working for cinema is you get to watch the films you’re interested about, local or international. At first we weren’t given enough chances to access local film festivals even if we’re working for an agency that deems for its promotion and development. We’re also usually denied of having reruns of new Filipino independent films since we don’t have a DCP projector worth 10 million to run its formats. But I understand it’s to avoid piracy. For an agency with a very minimal budget (even with our salaries), it’s always limited access to local films. We can only screen ones that are four years old or above plus the ones we co-produced and the ones we digitally restored, which have been repeatedly scheduled for our entire screening cycles.

I was lucky that for once and finally, our cinematheque has been chosen to do theatrical replays of Cinema One Originals 2016 with an assistance of the C1 staff to monitor the film copies. Initially, I had Petersen Vargas’ “2Cool 2 be 4gotten“, Kieth Deligero’s “Lily” and Jules Katanyag’s “Si Magdalola at ang mga Gago” on my top list of must- watch Cinemaone lineup.

Samantha Lee’s “Baka Bukas” (Maybe Tomorrow) was a hit during the C1 film festival runs and long lines of movie goers from days one to four could attest to that.

Alex and Jess. (photo by IMDB)
Alex, played by Jasmine Curtis- Smith and Jess, played by Louise Delos Reyes. (Photo by IMDB)

Jasmine Curtis’ portrayal of Alex, a meek 23 year- old story brief writer and her having a mainstream actress best friend appeared glossy to me. It was an unusual combination of a pop-cultured individual and an attention- seeking lass which seemed impossible to get into one picture.

I would say Alex got my very attention and her sincerity towards Jess – keeping an eye on her, giving all ears to her whatnot’s and romance gossips – were the parts I felt her longing to get on ahead with dating Jess. Jess on the contrary never notices her best friend’s inattention with her blabber. She was too busy giving each time to herself, talking about how wonderful her life is to have someone to vent her indecisions with.

The maze of convincing friends that you’re madly longing for someone outside your circle was an easy task. It’s a decision with a strong “go”. But having someone commit her love for her best friend is a long ass- kicking story. People won’t entirely understand how friendships are ruined, and why it’s selfish to act according only to what both of you feel. It ain’t just about changing your status from Complicated to In a Relationship, you have to think about your circles; the bridges you’re burning in case you got it all wrong. This is all just me and I felt every inch of it while watching Alex.

Kate and Alex. (Photo by @jastersAUS)
Kate and Alex. (Photo by @jastersAUS)

Julo, played by Gio Gahol was my favorite character. His way of antagonizing Alex towards her “questionable” love for Jess sounded fascinating. It’s as if I’m watching myself and my friends while we’re on a get together.

Samantha Lee created a visual treat and a wonderland to her audience that share the same pain. One that is driven with an emotional spill. It somehow taught us that not all relationships found within your circles ensure a desirable ending, but it’s one worth your energy.

Julo and David, (played by Nel Gomez) ending up together gave us a surprise in contradicting my aforementioned conclusion. it’s now up to you to decide.

David, Jess, Alex and Julo. (Photo by IMDB)
The pack. David, Jess, Alex and Julo. (Photo by IMDB)



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