Visitors from the future

No matter how hard we study things, acquisition of knowledge will never be enough without creativity in imagining the could’ve been’s. I was in the process of creating a draft for a TV commercial that will help promote Filipino films. And for someone who haven’t written for TV for 2 years I felt really empty handed. This story was too clear to be true but as a lucid dreamer like myself, dreams feel like a strand of my body that I can’t untangle. So here goes.

I was aware that I graduated four years ago and I’m a thousand miles away from where I used to stay. I never dream about my school until this one night. I was in my College University and was on my way home carrying books and a shoulder bag that I always used during college. A navy blue, organized-looking bag my mom bought at a thrift shop.

The skies turned totally gray and dull as if I was inside a movie studio where the lights could be shifted from day light to night time. It wasn’t the Holiday season either to explain the sudden change in temperature. In a tropical country like the Philippines, a shift from 29 to 21 degrees is not possible. Everyone in school were muttering and unexpectedly talked as if they all knew each other. I started to feel weird about an immediate, out of this world movement of the wind. To my surprise, there came a huge circular Frisbee- shaped aircraft that was about to land inside the university grounds. People around me started to panic, some of them were never bothered and just waited for it to land and see what was happening. I was one of those who stayed as if I was expecting it long before it came. It resulted into a stampede inside the university.

The aircraft landed for almost 15 minutes. Initially I felt scared that I might not make it home since the movies always reflected bad and unforgiving images of extra terrestrial being’s existence. But I also felt excited that I might have a good news beat to write about since that week was my script deadline for a TV commercial I was working on. Species that look like human-sized penguins went out, they were incredibly lit. Board members from the university welcomed them as if they were expecting each other’s company. I was about 500 meters away from the aircraft so I had to look and come closer to check on them. Someone called my attention and told me not to feel any different about them visiting us. He told me that for a being that don’t live here, they sure are more scared than we are because we rule this world. That their body mass, temperature and level of gravity won’t survive on Earth. I went with him and that closer distance created an impact on our minds. Our hair was slowly thinning, the freezing temperature that comes out from the aircraft’s doors created weird purple marks on our wrists, it was as if a sign or a contract of agreement that we can both come into each others territories.

I was awestruck when I finally get to see them up close. They had no eyes but they sensed us coming and they talked like cats. They were all wearing a thick, white vest which was useless in my opinion because they had a seriously thick fur. I thought it helped that I had the influence of my friend’s fandom with Doctor Who, Star Wars and video games. My imagination ran further and I turned delighted about the experience imagining that I might have my very own side kick like Migi from the Japanese Film Series “Parasyte”.

One officer from our school announced that these species are going to build a hospital inside the campus, as if they talked and planned it out for years simultaneously with the establishment of our university’s law school department. Eventually I came to my senses and realized these 3d life-size penguins are running around with their wheeled tiny feet around the campus holding tablets that seem to contain all the information about our lives and our intellectual capacity.


I wrote this article two years ago (2015) and I only had the chance to post it today.

During this time, I was living with a friend, Yhen and before I forget the story which usually happens, I wrote it and told it straight to her. She got goose bumps telling me that her friend once read a fiction book that sounds similar with my dream. It says that beings from other worlds are the ones in control of Earth. There was a “study” saying that people with higher IQ either die early than the ones with an average thinking capacity, or are emotionally incapable of social interactions because of too much knowledge that no one believed them. Their exact target are schools and universities since it’s where people develop their skills and intuition about adaption. They will soon build their terrain and make Earth their factory of human-and-droid gene inventions.

We see things the way we wanted to according to the likeness of the ones that came before us, her book says we are walking brains eaten up by E.T. beings once developed, and these acquired skills and knowledge are the ones they use for their inventions. Just like the illustration and flow of a food chain, we’re the last ones eaten and you know what happens next.


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