Five Months of Unbelievable

From the day President Duterte got elected, I had a slight hope that our country might indeed change its ways. People might be proactive now that we have an aggressively outspoken figure to look up to, or that the oligarchs and family businesses covered up by politics might finally have to kiss their asses goodbye. I was really hopeful.

And then I wasn’t.

President Duterte’s war on drugs killed thousands of innocent “suspects” and “drug addicts” that increased the long line of never-been-solved list of Extra Legal Killings. As an advocate of the Desaparesidos, I call this history repeating itself and it’s gotten worse.

If you’re a Filipino, you’d probably be familiar with what happened on September 21, 1972. After Ferdinand Marcos’ declaration of Martial Law, 20 years became a celebration to all military men, for they were in control of our women, children and the Philippine justice system. Killings here and there, which paved way to formation of propaganda and activists groups. These groups’ strong will to fight injustices ruled by fascist dictator and the then President, Ferdinand Marcos was thrown out of his seat.The Democracy we’re enjoying now was produced by our freedom fighters. Often times people interpret them as the “rebels”.

Fast forward to 2016.

P. Duterte won. War on drugs, every day new dead body on the street. Bitching of Facebook fake accounts/trolls to news and media sites. Mocha Uson‘s ascend. The Philippines burning bridges with the US and EU and welcoming–with arms wide open– China and Russia. VP Leni ousted from cabinet meetings. Prying on Sen. Leila de Lima’s personal life. MARCOS’ SECRET HEROES FXCKING BURIAL.

November 18, 2016– the date Filipinos felt betrayed. P. Duterte was silent about this “burial” and it makes you wonder how someone who consistently talks suddenly acts skittish. Protesters, even students and commuters of all ages and groups have voiced out their opposition to this decision made by our current administration.

November 25, 2016–National Day of Rage and Unity, a Black Friday nationwide protest commenced. It was a day where we expressed we’re never stupid to compromise by shutting off our sight. We need not just empathy but transparency and the sense of National History to empower our Justice System.

It’s shameful to experience first hand the politicking within the walls of a government office. Cultural workers were promised to be taken care of in the presence of media platforms. It wasn’t even a month of appointment yet, when half of the office got terminated due to “budget cut” and reconstructing. These employees have been working for the agency all their lives. And I have to emphasize, EARNED their positions and got all the necessary skills and qualifications for a regular position but still got their contracts abolished out on a whim. A decision made out of impulse and bitterness against the administration that passed. All projects got postponed, due to lack of skilled or trained employees. It was an instant jackpot for individuals who’re friends with people in power.

Let’s not forget the involvement of the Marcoses with today’s administration. We do not  question the ones in power because these are our votes, but getting swayed by the people who revised our National History making it look too easy and forgiving, is killing our will to trust that the Philippines is still a safe place to live. Hayaang lumaya ang Pilipinas, labanan ang pasismo, labanan ang ganid.


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