How Films Became Big

The Lion King (1994, Walt Disney Fiction Animation), Jumanji (1995, Joe Johnston), and Titanic (1997, James Cameron) are my top three biggest examples of good and deserving-to- be-viewed- multiple-times films, they were all created during the 90’s and are still part of our playlists until now. I can say that most of the good films are meant to make your emotions sink in deep wonder. Oftentimes, it strikes you to the core which hit your guts to the point of trying to live out through it, through fiction.

One of the most disturbing film that blew my imagination was the Korean version of Old Boy. A film that captivated the entire audiences in the year 2003. A South Korean mystery thriller neo-noir film directed by Park Chan-wook. A story about a father, Oh Dae-su, who was locked up in a hotel room for 15 years, more than a freaking decade. He spent these hellish years asking why he was detained and by whom. Could you imagine a life inside a prison where there is nothing, no one and no whatsoever as to why he was inside those chambers? There was nothing to lose for him, upon his unexpected release, Oh Dae-su was stuck with vengeance into finding his captor.

This journey lead him into bumping into Mi-do who is a young woman sushi chef. She gave him food, talked to him and finally been someone to give him a home. While in search of his captor, Oh Dae-su has been anxious to search for his daughter whom he lost when he was locked up for years. She’s his only family left that he could look for to make sense of everything, at least. Oh Dae-su’s recovery ended up into giving him and Mi-do a romantic relationship.

Well, to keep the hype and avoid spoilers, and also, to get away from misinterpretations, I wouldn’t further explain the latter part. It’s just that the end of the movie sucked all my ideas up. If I were to ask anybody to watch it, I’m sure I’ll see the same reaction and its magic to make you grunt in pain and anger.

Crafting an artwork and bringing ideas to life is what made me soak myself in with the ideals of filmmaking. Having an impact into the emotions and way of thinking of the audience is what sells it. Who would not love to see a movie? It has become one of my wildest dreams to have my own film that could be considered a good one.
Film is not beautiful, it is a visual art that steals your attention, your senses, and ends up giving you disappointments. It brings you to tears, slaps you with judgement and throws up your fairy tales into the dumpster. But you can’t live without it.

Old Boy is bagged the Grand Prix award at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival, with a huge applause from its jury’s president, director Quentin Tarantino.

Min-sik Choi as Oh Dae-su
Hye-jeong Kang as Mi-do
Dal-su Oh as captor Park Cheol-woong

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