Proven Guilty

I hope my dreams doesn’t have to do with what’s going to happen. Another one goes:

There was a reported murder of two Filipino women working overseas. The suspect was a female Indian who was known as these women’s employer. The suspect was proven guilty after being identified by unnamed witnesses. I watched this news few weeks before I witnessed policemen digging a hole (sort of a grave) beside the house where we stayed for a weekend vacation. The grave was about five feet deep, three feet wide and eight feet long. The policemen filled the huge hole with water as if they’re about to do a swimming pool. They also used tarpaulins to cover it as if it’s meant to hide something. Out of curiosity I asked two of the policemen’s assistants of what was going on, but before they can even answer, one of them was called out and was asked to get someone out of the police vehicle. The taller policemen accidentally removed the tarpaulin that covered the grave. I churned as I saw two dead women bathing in it. They were lying cold and their skin looked as if they were beaten up by a group of men, it was awfully swollen and there were still signs of blood splats. I was in shock to be witnessing this kind of scene, it was as if they were pigs with marked skins hidden for preservation. One of them was wearing a pink underwear with her eyes slightly opened. The other women was covered with a white dirty cloth all over her face.

One of the policemen came right in front of me as soon as he saw my reaction, he then explained that these women died two weeks ago and it was because of their Indian employer’s beating. She was under the influence of drugs and was undergoing depression that even the slightest drug intake made her lose her mind and temper.

The woman wearing a pink underwear was strangled to death while she was sleeping and the other victim had the opportunity to fight back but it only resulted to beating and it eventually killed her. They died this way and was preserved through the dug grave for the Indian suspect to experience what she’s done to her victims. For three months, she has to sleep with her victim’s dead bodies underwater with a little apparatus the policemen provided. There was no way out for her since her feet were in chains locked underground, and both her wrist in handcuffs.

The families of these victims wished for the authorities to do this kind of punishment to the suspect.


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