Make her Stay

I guess the month of September is a parade of creepy in my subconscious life. Little by little its getting into my nerves, that it can get me killed in my sleep.

I was in Japan. I never thought I’d see a place like this, I only saw this kind of setting on Studio Ghibli’s fiction films. Everything appears old, there’s not even a cellphone or a television. Everyone was quiet and still, waiting for the snow to wash their houses from falling leaves and flowers. Floors made of wood, warm and it always makes me feel sleepy like a cat.

I had this best friend– let’s call her Trish– that longs to see her father but can’t do anything about it because her mother won’t allow her to, without citing the reasons why. We keep finding ways for her to see her father. We looked up for his address, visited places to where we can possibly see him, then finally, we saw how he looked like in her mother’s wedding picture. His place wasn’t too far so we planned things out and decided to pay him a visit.

Her father lives alone and we can’t even see a single furniture in his house, not a food, not a piece of dirt, but he has a gorgeous kitchen. It was the first time that Trish and her father met. Her mom took her away from her father right after her birth, it’s the thing that’s always been a question to us. Her father was pretty nice. He’ll always cook for us whenever we went to his place, and he’ll tell us stories about coping, when he said ‘he almost lost it’ ’cause his family won’t let him stay with them.

Since then, it’s been part of our routine to come and visit her father. We’ve been hiding it from her mom and I’ll always accompany her. Eventually, her mom was able to find out what we were doing, because definitely, we can’t hide it forever. There came a moment when Trish slept at her father’s house and I wasn’t there to back her up from her mom. She told her mom that she got a boyfriend instead. It’s a better excuse anyway than telling the truth about her regular secret visit to her dad.

Little by little she got used to not having me around. I understood how Trish felt, missing a part of her life that she’s been searching all her life. Having this chance of them finally getting together is just one magical moment for them. Trish grew up without her father, and those were years of dreadful search. Now that they’re together, there’s just no stopping.

We both thought it was perfect. I came to visit them after a long time but I was surprised at how his dad was acting. He kept telling Trish to stay, he kept pushing her inside the house and started hurting her. I then saw a lot of bruises that says it’s been happening for quite a while now. I helped her escape, went to her mom’s and instantly told her that it was her boyfriend that did this to her.

These bruises just won’t stop Trish from seeing her father. She eventually went back. I tried to follow her that night but I was too late, I saw her dad cutting Trish’ feet, both of them! He was telling Trish that it’s the only way to make her stay. I was too scared that I can’t stop her mad father who’s gone insane doing those things to her. I wasn’t able to think of a way to stop him. After cutting Trish’ feet, he quietly went to his room. It was my only chance getting Trish away from his dad.

We should have listened to her mom, I thought. I shouldn’t have let Trish go with her father. I came running as fast as I can. I was able to carry Trish towards her mom. Her feet were cut and dripping with blood, then she stopped breathing.

Her mom was full of rage. She found out where we’ve been going these past few months. Just by looking at her eyes, I knew her anger will never ever forgive me. Out of guilt and fear, I went away from her. I can’t forget how disturbed I was at how crazy her father could be. That creepy hell of a monster.

I intentionally missed Trish’ wake and funeral. I also decided not to visit her mom for a month since I knew that she won’t let me in, and I don’t want to make a scene. After another month I was able to pull myself together and pay a visit. It beat the shit out of me when I saw a coffin. Trish’ dead cold body was still lying there. I didn’t know what to think about it that I can’t even look at at. I was disgusted and got goose bumps. I seated at a table in front of the coffin, covering my face, dismayed. I was just waiting for her mom to pin everything on me. I was ready to take blame out of this madness.

Unexpectedly, she pulled my head with a knife in her hands. She tried to strangle me. She wanted to slit my throat and cut my head. She kept screaming, saying that she’ll replace my head with Trish’ as if there was a possibility of bringing her daughter back to life. And that she won’t bury her child without its feet.

How unfortunate it is that a sweet girl like Trish got mad psycho parents.

Gahd! This dream is too creepy, scary and it almost got me killed.


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