Amusement of Creepy


I am an Acrophobic and I hate it when I don’t feel gravity on my feet. I’m a lucid dreamer and I dream about stories that doesn’t have to do anything about me. Maybe it’s the story of someone else’s past life, or what I’m going to be a hundred years from now. Here goes.

It felt like I was watching myself, as if it was a recorded scene from a documentary film highlighting my daily life events. There are six characters in this story and I’m the only girl. The other characters were two 6-year olds, and 3 guys.


One character was this guy . He has a son who was about 6 year-old wearing a gray backpack. The other guy was my boyfriend who I can’t even identify, and the other one’s a friend.

We were on our way to an amusement park and we were really excited when we got there. I saw a man lying still above an airbag in an abandoned pool. I wondered how he managed to put up with the stink of the dirty water. Cause that pool seriously looked like a slump for snakes and mad crocodiles.

I had no idea why we went to that god-forsaken place.

I was awestruck when I saw a Ferris wheel. I saw a guy wearing jersey shorts with colors red and black and a white top. It felt as if I was avoiding him and that I tried not seeing him for a long time. Out of confusion and fear, I immediately took my friends and we ran towards the old building across the street. I had the strong instinct telling me that I had to avoid this guy and hide.

Inside the building was this dysfunctional elevator beside the staircase, and between these elevators are comfort rooms. We ran and hid beneath the elevator when we heard the jersey-wearing guy going upstairs. He was with his son who’s wearing a huge and empty gray back pack. Out of confusion, we peeked through a tiny square hole we found inside the elevator.  Both the guy and his son went inside the comfort room and I firmly instructed my company not go outside until we see them leave.

*The reason why I was avoiding this jersey-wearing guy is because he never told me that he has a son. It seem to have been our argument in a long time, and that it ended our relationship.

I started to feel strange about their whereabouts until I ran out of patience and decided to just leave them be. We finally heard a footstep. The guy went out with the poor kid’s gray backpack. The kid was gone.

We waited for him to leave and we went at the ancient-looking part of the amusement park. We saw people enjoying the tilted and aged Ferris wheel. Under it was a baggage reclaim carousel that you typically see in airports. We fell in line as if we’re about to ride the dangerous- looking crane.

I got goose bumps when I saw an unattended young girl 30 meters away from us. She was furiously staring at me. She was with this boy that we saw earlier. It was the jersey guy’s son but why isn’t he wearing his gray backpack? He pointed his finger toward us as if they were talking about me, as if we knew each other. I pointed them out to my friends but it seems I was the only one who can see them.

It was almost our turn to ride the tilted Ferris wheel. I told my company that I can’t ride on that tilted crane but they insisted. It seems like it was the only way we could leave that place. Everyone was in a hurry, as if everything behind us is already underwater.

I told my friends again that we must check on the kids and send them back to their parents. But neither of my company could see their existence. “There’s no one in there.”

It was finally our turn to get on the tilted, out- of- balance crane and then I freaked out. I wanted to scream my lungs out to find out that the guy ended his son’s life. He stood at the end of the line and told me we can be together again, now that he lost his son.

While I was up in the air riding the fast and tilted crane of a Ferris wheel, I felt as if there was no gravity on my feet and someone was strangling me. It took time for me to finally wake up and I realized, it almost got me killed.


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