When someone suddenly disappears

It’s Thursday, and today’s the generation where we see everyone posting old photographs extremely tolerating Nostalgia and we call it the Throwback Thursdays. I do it too, a lot. But this time my throwback is a little bit dramatic.

Every morning, of every day I keep noticing that you’ve changed. Maybe I just can’t accept the fact that we’re not the same anymore. You eating with me, getting late for school cause you’re with me, calling me names, you waiting for hours and not getting mad at me, buying me a treat whenever possible, drinking together, cursing some people, exchanging SMS as if we never talked the whole day, calling you stupid cause you loved it, stalking, having arguments and you always end up busted, you carrying my bag, I’ll start to draw on desks and you’ll ask me to do it in my notebook instead, competing doodles whenever the teacher’s singing a lullaby, you pissed and I just laugh.

For how many years I never appreciated these things. I never even said thank you for every favor you almost died doing. Until I had to leave then you suddenly got used to it. Leaving you behind without traces of keeping in touch, you, waited forever and I started to ruin EVERYTHING as if you were never there.

I thought, If I never knew you this way maybe I can easily ignore these things and not bother to ask If you’re OK but you’re not JUST one of them. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed every bit of our relationship, and how I loved being with you and God knows how much I wanted us to be back to what we were.

Back then, if it was me who asked you out, you will definitely skip classes. I tried doing the same today, you had nothing to do this time, then you answered “Tinatamad ako.”


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