Here’s something sweet

So, It’s my 2nd month in my first job as a graduate. Currently, I’m enjoying every project that I’m assigned into, except for a fact that we have to work extra hours to beat excruciating deadlines.

It’s been 2 months since I last wrote about current events. 4 months since I last wrote my investigative report on Child Labor. God! It’s been half a year since I last had that skill of composing a press release in one night. Now I’m trying my hardest to keep myself equipped with the news.

I may be out of the journo world, as they say, for now. But who knows, someday somehow, I could be with friends criticizing the people we long have wished to be served what they deserve.

I’ll be home soon, anyway. Nah, that’s too much words, now I’m sharing with you some of the photographs that I took for the past months, when I wished I was serving the newspaper stands. Part 1 🙂


Candies by Made In Candy





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