Mostly Viewed News Sites

A healthy and convenient way to be updated on current events. These online sites are my personal choice of sources in writing articles, whether it be news, feature or even in investigative reporting.

  • The GUIDON is the official student newspaper of the Ateneo de Manila University. It includes Heights and Matanglawin (Tagalog version of the publication).The Guidon has three sections, namely: the Main (which include News, Opinion, Beyond Loyola, and Sports), the Features section, and the Inquiry section. The Inquiry section deals with investigative journalism while The Beyond Loyola section tackles with issues outside the Ateneo campus. Aside from the three sections which are in print, The GUIDON also has a lifestyle magazine online. The publication is currently on its 81st year.
The Guidon. The Official Publication of the Ateneo de Manila University
The Guidon. The Official Publication of the Ateneo de Manila University

The Guidon is the best tertiary online publication online that is updated by the students itself with their firs hand interviews. I make them one of my sources when making inquiries. Their article styles are updated that it could catch the readers (particularly students) to visit their site regularly.

  • is the official news website of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, featuring the most current multimedia technologies, and partnered with other news organizations, provides the most comprehensive and up-to-the-minute coverage of both local and international news throughout the site’s nine channels – News, Sports, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Technology, Business, Opinion, and Global Nation, and Politics.
The Philippine Daily Inquirer
The Philippine Daily Inquirer


ü  Global Nation for Overseas Filipino Workers

ü  BizLINQ for business entrepreneurs

ü  JobMarket Online for job seekers

ü  Property Guide for real estate

ü  Mind & Body for health and wellness

ü  Readers’ Comments for readers response and page

ü  Newsletter Subscription for easy subscription

Philippine Daily Inquirer is my top source for news information and headline writing. They make new styles of headlines every now and then. They have the best types of article, compared to some national newspapers in the newsstands; their article titles are witty and at the same time, can be easily understood by the general public.

  • is a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change.  Rappler comes from the root words “rap” (to discuss) + “ripple” (to make waves).  It’s a new world of limitless collaboration enabled by new technology and connected by social media.
Rappler. A social news network.
Rappler. A social news network.

“We at Rappler promise uncompromised journalism that – hopefully – inspires smart conversations and ignites a thirst for change, we are veteran journalists trained in broadcast, print and web disciplines working with young, idealistic digital natives eager to report and find solutions to problems, we are web artists, designers, publishers and professionals combining the best of broadcasting and IT processes.”

– Maria A. Ressa

             CEO & Executive Editor

I started visiting Rappler the year 2011. It is a really huge opportumity to be one of their readers. Since its practitioners are known to be fierce journalists and are veteran when it comes to public affairs. Rappler got me through their editorial boards impact of credibility.

  • offers solid, well-written lifestyle   features and insightful commentary you’ve never seen before in the local scene. “Together, we’ll dissect trends and our culture in a fresh, engaging way that encourages conversation and interaction. SPOT will give you the scoop, the dish, the blow-by-blow–with a probing eye and provocative take”

– MYRZA SISON Editor-in-Chief

The editor says it right; I’ve never seen this kind of insightful commentaries online. They got issues detailed and entertaining at the same time.

  • The New York Times is an American daily newspaper founded and continuously published in New York City since 1851. The paper’s motto, printed in the upper left-hand corner of the front page, is “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” It is organized into sections: News, Opinions, Business, Arts, Science, Sports, Style, Home, and Features. It stayed with the eight-column format for several years after most papers switched to six columns, and it was one of the last newspapers to adopt color photography. Access to the newspaper’s online content is through a metered paywall beginning in 2011. Frequent users (over 20 articles per month) have to purchase digital subscriptions, unless they are subscribers to the print edition.
The New York TImes
The New York TImes

The New York Times is incredibly updated on its online life. I may not hold a printed broadsheet of NY Times, but reading their pages is a lot to consider. The details they present on every issue discussed are a bit complicated but are well versed and explained from cover to cover.

  • is a weekly online news magazine featuring in-depth articles, news, essays and commentaries from a progressive and nationalist perspective. Published 2008, writers in this page are gathered online.
Bulatlat. Journalism for the People.
Bulatlat. Journalism for the People.

Whether they are from Southern or Northern part of the Philippines. Just like Inquirer. Net, the difference is that they do not print their issues. It is a purely online news organization with news stories presented all details disclosed and with ‘no holds barred.’


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