No Ordinary

The future can be better now, now that I have accepted changes and fought for the things I always thought was worth trying.

It was way back 2008 when I admitted myself to college and to finish a degree here in Ateneo. I don’t really make plans and people say it’s an awful way of drafting your career path. People always say that there’s a tough competition out there. Roughly speaking, I believed it. Some things don’t change but that’s only if we concede with the idea that we’re mere competitors. I was once thought the same thing and it felt really disappointing, realizing that it’s only the title I’m after and nothing else. Most people are driven to finish their studies to ensure their career stability in the future.

I went to school for an entirely different reason. I might be driven to succeed and also aim to land on a decent-paying job, but later on I started to focus on the thing that interests me. I graduated with the degree of Communication and trust me, I never knew at first what I signed up for. Every time people ask me what job I can possibly get out of it, they instantly smirk and throw a word, “TV”. Eventually, I got used to it and honestly, I don’t give a damn. It took me a year finding out what I want. It’s hard to identify where you’d want to excel and now that I’m at it there’s no fucking up. Knowing where you really belong and where you can actually be productive at is the only thing that should matter. During the process of mastery, as I progressed with college the level of motivation and ‘brightening o the future’ becomes clear.

Too many instructions can get you blinded to where you would really want to end up with, I get a strong hold on my principles and kept things happening. Acquisition of different thoughts and instructions reminded me of how education transpired through the years. I am a 90’s kid and it’s evident that I have been exposed to transitions. Same with having this belief that learning is more than the books and modules from instructors, it’s how we take and use these ideas that make learning alive. Learning however is a two- way process, we get to exercise ourselves not just through quizzes and remarks that we have. Sometimes a discourse of ideas and a platform for free thinking students makes my stay in Ateneo more remarkable.

Through the years, I have been looking at myself marching off for graduation not just as a successful Atenean, but also as someone who’s proud about the consequences of her decisions. I had the best support that every parents can ever give, they always taught me how to discipline myself and never lose control over pressures. I take it easy as they always say, enjoy and be the best that I can become. Provided that I work on my academics wholeheartedly. Because once I started to take a leap, many chances of failure and success might follow and I have to risk it. I should just be honest enough to accept the things that I can and cannot do.

Eliminating free time, I really don’t get it why I’ve always wanted to become busy. I joined several organizations at school and the one where I stayed my entire college years was with ThePILLARS Publication. The publication was introduced to me as a place where I can definitely see completely different types of people, young journalists who are after social change and campus freedom of expression. It was 2009 when I decided to work for ThePILLARS, several times I planned to exit but never did as I enjoyed every bit of my stay.

I can say that half of the knowledge that I earned from Ateneo came from the publication. More than the technical, I get to be exposed beyond the surface of what the society really looks like. More than those types of people, I immersed myself with the masses. It has been a tough ride since whatever you write might get your academic standing affected but I ever regret it. One of the people I’m highly thankful for was Kuya Fuy, he’s one of the people who believed in me and taught me things about abolishing fear out of eliminating apathy. Ate Franz, who actually taught me to be tough and her way was harsh enough to make it work. To Ekay, Peewee and Abi who served as my ever loving sisters since high school who inspired me to keep going no matter how hard life gets. To Bird, who served as my best friend and buddy who’ve always been there reminding me to keep my head up. To Tadz and Jeff, the two people I regard as the optimists. To Cha, Cheng and Sean, for being the people I can say, kept me alive whenever I’m in the office. To Jem, Kate, Kuya French, Grey, Ate Ace, Rica and Yhen, for being my partners in finishing every article. To Tin, for being extra honest in your criticisms, ThePILLARS needs people like you. To the new staff and future editors of the publication, I say, you will never regret being part of it. Learning things in different ways and circumstances have made me capable enough in dealing with everything. Never be afraid if you have been mocked, just don’t let them look down on you.

Finishing a degree and being successful out of it is just the price of having yourself developed. It has been and will be a tradition to march on your graduation and for those who thought they’ll never make it through, look at the people who are ready to listen inspire and uplift you, I also ran out of reasons to keep going back then too, but look, I actually worked it out. No story, no song, no school, no money, no numbers can ever defeat your purpose to succeed in your OWN WAY.

But success wouldn’t end here, let’s face it, there is unemployment. Just don’t make it choose you. 🙂


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