AdNU SSG pushes resos in 29th Buklod


Pushing for student participation in national issues, the Ateneo de Naga–Supreme Student Government (AdNU SSG) authored several resolutions during the 29th Buklod Atenista.

Hosted by Xavier University–Ateneo de Cagayan in Cagayan de Oro City, this year’s Buklod summit carried the theme “PANAGHIUSA: One Ateneo, Sailing towards Change.”

Student council presidents and other representatives from five Ateneo universities including Ateneo de Davao, Ateneo de Manila, Ateneo de Naga, Ateneo de Zamboanga and Xavier University–Ateneo de Cagayan took part in the leadership summit held on 27 May to 1 June 2012.

Obstacles on the way

AdNU SSG President Vincent Franklyn Calma, External Vice-President Mark Francis Samillano and ThePILLARS Associate Managing Editor Ellen Mae Fajardo represented the university.

Current AdNU Buklod Ambassador Jose Llandro Monasterio, however, failed to attend this year’s Buklod summit.  Monasterio explained that he has “personal matters to attend to and thus decided to assign Samillano to be the Officer in Charge and his substitute delegate for Buklod Atenista.”

Six delegates from member schools of Buklod are recommended to attend the summit. Monasterio said that they are into “budget consideration.” “Nag-expect kami na digdi gigibuhon si midyear summit so we limited the [number of] delegates to send.”

Advancing ‘AYA’         

The annual Buklod summit is anchored to a set of Ateneo Youth Agenda (AYA) through which a compilation of the most important issues Ateneans need to consider are given immediate action.

This year’s AYA mainly focuses on the education system, the economy and good governance. On its part, the AdNU SSG sponsored three resolutions.  The first resolution calls for putting up a voters’ registration satellite within the university in preparation for the coming 2013 elections.

“We’ll be collaborating with the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) to have a satellite of voter’s registration digdi sa Ateneo,” said Monasterio.

Another resolution focused on disaster management and risk prevention where students will be given weather forecasts before any typhoon strikes the region. “

Samillano, on the other hand, introduced I-nitiative where students are moved to initiate and seek for possible solutions on issues through the Student Government. He furthered that the students will be more involved with this new project. “Kailangan ma-feel nilang parte sila sa issues ng school.”

On hosting rights

AdZU El Consejo Atenista President Adriel Earl Toribio sponsored a resolution “requesting for the Buklod Atenista hosting for 2012-2013.”

According to the resolution, “AdNU is the rightful host for Buklod 2012-2013” yet Toribio explained that this year is AdZU’s centennial celebration and it is the right timing for them to host the midyear summit.

During the session, only AdNU out of the five Buklod member schools did not have a final consent on the resolution. Samillano said that “I need to consult the ADNU SSG board before agreeing with the proposal.”

The Student Central Board, Student Council, Student Tribunal and the department heads, meantime, gathered for a joint meeting to form a decision whether to agree to AdZU’s resolution.

“Majority said yes, but I’m still planning to send an appeal sa Buklod to request na digdi na lang,” said Monasterio.

Meanwhile, during the discussion of best practices within the respective student governments, Calma disclosed the “struggles” of leadership during the term of the previous set of ADNU SSG officers. “We need to eliminate superficiality and convey goals in every activity.”

Calma concluded that officers should determine their “bottom line” as movers of the government.


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