David Guerrero sets Raw School’s Final Assignment

David Guerrero

 ‘‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’’

THE PHILIPPINES, May 4, 2012: Raw school turns its office into a home of young creatives on its last day of classes held at Insular Life Building, Ayala.

Make advertisements un-uninspired and why it’s more fun in the Philippines, as David Guerrero talks about a clear vision to advertising. Discussion started 8:00 and the class became enthusiastic when Guerrero revealed his quiz that should be answered within 10 minutes. What 50 things can be done in a single block? Not too fast, and the winner gets The Idea Book, one of the books that David’s BBDO promotes.

Work, Client, Self– Guerrero shares three priorities that he has when it comes to advertising.  “You need to have vision to start a work.” He said that in order to have good solution, you need to have clear problem first, and a good client is one who demands for ideas.

He starts every discussion in brief statements on his read books. Guerrero first quoted Hegarty, “Truth is the best strategy.” People need to have something which is proven true, to give them a good execution of a created idea. He expresses this as the real deal on advertising. And how can we start creating a good work from scratch? David, as he works on BBDO, said that the best answer is the one that you didn’t expect yourself. One material is being convinced by your ideas. “You should know what you want, Believe in it and start working on it.”

Before the final assignment, David left pieces of advice for future advertisers of the class. “Happiness precedes success,” His simple rule in becoming a man behind the successful BBDO. Raw School 2011’s last batch assignment is to think of an idea how to keep Boracay clean and still be an amazing haven to our Philippines.


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