Fires of India

I came from a dreadful press work session and I was really exhausted. I though I’m off to a good rest but what I had was a mentally horrid dream. It’s so vivid that I can even recite it repeatedly in full detail, the color, the details, everything except I can’t identify their faces. And oh, I’m a lucid dreamer.

I turned on the television and it says we need to get informed about societal events in India.To me it was clear, I was conscious that I even comment on the news that I’m watching. There were three people beside a fireplace. They were busy burning wood to produce coal and it’s what they do for a living. A seven year-old boy was standing beside his four year- old brother. Both of them looked miserable, the seven year-old boy was wearing a big yellow tattered shirt as if he’s gone through a knife fight with his feet bare. His younger brother wasn’t wearing anything except his skin that’s roughly burned and covered in solidified gasoline. He also got a bigger stomach for his age with his buttons almost popping out. They both looked stinky as if they never took a bath from the day they were born. Facing them was their mother of about 40 years old. She was wearing an over-sized brown shirt, white shorts with her feet bare. But unlike her siblings, this woman is fair- skinned. Her face was covered with her hair that is as thick as an old used mop.

In the news, an organization was discussing about food scarcity in India. Child labor was rampant and enforced that even them do hard labor to earn a living.

The 7 year- old boy was holding a long, sharp rosewood with him as he went away leaving behind his family. Both the child and his mother were holding kitchen knives and they were rubbing it against a grind stone close to a fireplace. The 4 year-old boy was complaining saying that he’s tired and instantly threw his knife inside the big fire. His mother was surprised and looks desperately tired to answer to his son’s tantrums. The 4 y/old boy shrieks and cried out that his back was aching. He was begging for a brief rest to his mother, he says it’ll be just a while. Out of a miserable combination of hunger, tiredness and depression his mom got awfully mad and forced his son to keep going. My view suddenly went into a close-up.

His mom furiously raised her hands and slapped her son bad. She was enraged about not being able to eat for days. It seems that they’ve been working so hard for days just to access food but they’re unable to. The woman forcefully carried her son and threw him into the furnace with mad eyes. She never dropped a tear. The poor young boy squealed his lungs out while he was eaten by fire, then he stopped, I thought, he’s probably dead.

The mother had no idea that her 7 y/old sibling witnessed her crime. She was too anxious and her eyes was blazing with a strange look. She pulled out a gun (which I identified a silencer, a gun used during the civil war that doesn’t make a sound).  How could a poor woman afford to have a gun when she can’t even have enough food to eat? The poor young boy, deprived of everything was chased by his mom with a gun! He tried to run fast but his mom was running too fast, he was shot.

Before I could finish the dream, I remembered what my mom said: You better be safe, go home earlier ’cause guns can get you killed.


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