Not much to ask

All my dreams are either horrid or strange. This one’s the later and is NSFW.

I was watching 2 people who seem to choose to get stuck in a room that looked like someone else’s horror studio. It was dark, damp and everything you see are either white or gray. There’s this girl who seemed to have lived there for so long that her skin looked pale. Her build was weak- skinny, and she had a terribly long hair.

I had no idea what was about to happen until I saw a tall guy wearing khaki colored pants come inside. He was wearing a medical gown and with a pair of stethoscope around his neck. He went in holding a key as if the room was his hideout and the visit was forbidden.

He was about 5’6″ feet tall, fair skinned but the healthy kind of pale and with his hair brushed up. He seemed to look like a Japanese doctor, and the only person authorized to visit the strange girl. She was a patient in that hospital  and was diagnosed with a disease but she seems to have gone well yet she chose to stay there.

Their conversation never stopped since he came in and they looked really fond of each other’s company. They looked comfortable with each other that it looked inappropriate to me.

They both stripped off their clothes and the doctor sat beside the strange girl. They kept talking, laughing as if the day have just started and eventually became intimate. They were eating Cheetos and I had this big question mark in my head asking why the hell am I seeing this in my dream.

Her room was located at the second level, and at the right corner of an abandoned-looking hospital in Japan. I finally saw where this place was when she decided to remove the curtains. Her doctor made a move suggesting that they have a coitus in the terrace. The terrace bars are too small that everyone outside could clearly see these two, undressed. They then decided to put comforters over the terrace’s bars to hide themselves and do the thing there. It was the first day of snow fall and probably the temperature dropped from somewhere to a negative and these two decided to keep their hots up with their freezing body. Apologies that the flow of this story sounded elusive and linear. But honestly the details in this dream are so clear that I had to give justice and caution on how I’m going to narrate it.

The patient and her doctor went on exploring things with no ease and worry about anything as if they were in a secluded island. I saw 2 police cars waiting outside the hospital and its siren kept wailing. That finally caught their attention and I thought it was the end of it but they started to laugh and went inside. Out of the blue, I thought about my previous health status and how the hell I survived it. Maybe these two people are individuals who got nowhere else to go but each other.

The strange girl was diagnosed with some disease when she encountered an accident back when she had her family one year ago. She had no one else left and nobody knew her except this doctor. She decided to stay and admit herself in the hospital with the hope that she’ll have a home to live in.

The doctor was all inside the head of the strange girl, the police car have always been there and she’s the one who set it up, wailing, making her feel as if she was still alive while having this restless regret of killing herself.


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