Media and its influence

There are still remaining hearts that take the responsibility and use media with its purpose that has sense and sensitivity.

Truth and common good are two of the biggest part of decision making done by media practitioners. Though we always say that it is possible to practice both, it will be too tough. I will be stuck by telling a lie instead, or choosing to disclose the truth behind the set up. The consequences are, of course a lot of accusations and death threats. Common good may go against conscience and guilt, by just not telling anyone about what you knew.

Under a democratic nation runs a free press, and under a free press goes a threat of irresponsibility and a profit- based media. On the lighter side we only have a few: Following the Right to information law, and building public opinion. It is a sad fact that values comes just as an option, because we’ve been busy elaborating ONLY the faults of the opposition. That we miss the chance to reevaluate their few good deeds, and weigh what interests us, at the same time impose ethical norms. I agree to the statement that improvisations done by the media is more dangerous than that of a teacher’s influence. On a child’s character building, the three sources of information and values are the parents, the teacher and the church. Once they got strange ideas and the complex asking of things, there comes a new wrath of misleading thoughts that that child may acquire. Especially when a child hears it over and over, obedience may also be affected. Too much liberation can still do harm. People will get too attracted to being fed with invasion of privacy and repeated gossip. Doing these things as a leisure activity impressively makes us interested and that’s a fact.

After a class discussion, a student will not care about the teacher’s lesson or the exam results. Students will expectedly talk a lot about how their professor looks or might as well measure how teachers act on every discussion. These simple sorts of things got us blinded that values we have or the people’s values won’t matter anymore so long as we are benefitted by the information and for the sake of just being IN in the society we are living. ‘Popular taste’ is seen on films, commercials and soap operas. I even got my insecurities through these seen pictures during my childhood. I even got the idea of rebutting my parents’ sentiments and redundant sermons through television, and strengthened misunderstanding of what INDEPENDENCE means. Well, at least I am amenable on changing these. The more I love communicating and tackling society’s petty issues, the more I’d love to embrace weighing sources of information. It feels so good to criticize, knowing you already have the ability.


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