Neutral Facility

We were better off going solo and that’s where we thought we’ll do best. We had chances proving that we’re never effective being in groups because some of our members are hesitant to speak their minds. We had various mixed up agenda going on, and as the one who leads the team, it counts a lot to me but we always had nosy efforts at materializing these things. These qualities we thought would make a rather complicated team eventually brought us a new beginning and I saw that there’s this possibility of having a good production team. Well, most of the time that was hardly thinking positive.

MATE. A Play Presentation by B&W Entertainment Productions
MATE. A Play Presentation by B&W Entertainment Productions

Who and what we are
This group of distinct characteristics became the members of Black and White (B&W) Production. We are composed of… 4 individuals that believes in Filipino artists, 5 good listeners (literally) of the group, 4 fashion geeks, 2 always- busy buddies, 5 looked overly concerned and always comments, 4 lovebirds that are exceptionally reliable, a lover boy who’s hopless romantic and a human gantry. This is equals to 26 types of beautifull mess. We got through a rough road before making it here, and this close to meeting our goal. We are part of batch 2013 under the Media Studies Department of Ateneo de Naga University who’s about to finally finish our degree in Communication Arts.

Photo by Marie Trinidad
Photo by Marie Trinidad

The name Black and White comes from where the script got its core concept, the chessboard and how life goes to be too monochromatic. Same goes with the characters portrayed in our play, whose lives remained in between ‘B&W’ proving how cruel this world is.

The team
Like every other theam, we wanted to go beyond our own expectations, and this resulted to irational childish arguments that caused distress. We knew that we’re not familiar with the committees we built ourselves but we tried and went through it eventually. We studied every structure of our plan leaving our personal issues behind. Sometimes we ended our day cramming, but at the actual day of the show, surprisingly everyone performed very well.

Photo by Marie Trinidad
Photo by Marie Trinidad

Excuses on negligence of tasks and reasoning abilities were abused just to stay out of the conflict. Focusing on the house rules just kept B&W on track. And the most essential part of our discussions was keeping in mind that effort counts a lot, but results matter the most.


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