Same old fuss

Most of us choose to live like the usual routinary way—waking up in the morning with fixed schedules of tasks to earn money looking well- dressed and well- equipped with technology. Funny how we grew focused on that and not concerning ourselves with issue that needed our support but we’re well aware of it. I, for one, chose to live that way because I was too busy thinking only about myself.

This routine heightened after I saw pictures and articles of success stories claiming they had to act like zombies first before actually living. This dream of being part of the limelight comes a season to people who yearn for power. I even caught myself thinking what if I was one?It was so unlikely of me considering that I admitted to have chosen to work for the masses. I thought I should instead be worrying about the depressed and the voiceless but I chose to cry over an allowance that won’t let me buy deluxe meals at McDonald’s or latest records of Incubus. I had my own world of problems and it mattered more to me than hefty situations like the Moro Islamic Liberation front’s demand for an autonomous state.

The less- privileged are the least noticed, to the point that success to them comes cheap. Working for the common good for some would mean a waste of time since everyone started to speak about money and business growth. Things that benefits us. Activities like mass gathering and advocacy-driven protests are now an unacceptable approach in letting everyone know that our society has a huge problem that needs your attention and support. Just imagine how far the Hacienda Luisita issue could go if we only used our collective effort to make the Cojuanco’s speak. The ‘promised land’ ended just as a phrase and we’re blinded not to notice what was happening and instead, we desperately look up to the ones in power that even if they turn us down, we still continue, vote, and follow. That’s one of the disappointing attitude of Filipinos, we allow ourselves to be guinea pigs, used and be damned even after the hard work we’ve rendered.

I was surprised when His Excellency, Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III, supported the budget cut for education. They say with good education comes greater opportunities and I remember clearly his phrase that caught many Filipino voters’ artention, “libreng edukasyon sa masang Pilipino.” It sounded so good, that it ended just a sing-along phrase. There’s this idea that education has long become a privilege than a right, and the worse thing was they proved it true. Today, not everyone are entitled to be have college education, only the priviledged could have this option and what made it sad was their end goal of pursuing a career abroad.

I once said and pledged that I WILL work for the common good. Service is what I always receive from them, from the food I eat to the transport system that brings me to places. I thought I had to give back once I had the opportunity. Equality is not always the answer to a nation that’s slowly dividing itself. I still conform with the republic which Socrates say have three parts in order to function: the policy making body, the soldiers to protect and civilians to build the nation. With this Philosophy I’d say we’ve always missed an element of tradition that being a Filipino, one should know what the people need as a service. We’ve been working for freedom of expression, public trials, free post documentaries and media reports to where we can access and weigh things from inquiry of truth. But oftentimes our comment could have us shot dead and that’s the reason why most of us keep it low and act deaf. Greed got us cheated and respect nowadays are imposed or controlled by power. It’s as if we’re held by puppets so what do we expect?

It may seem disappointing to know that our hands are tied with foreign nations and we’re not yet capable of having the free hand. The Philippines might get there if we slowly instill in our minds that we have to serve our purpose and be part of this move in doing away with capitalism and oligarchy. The culture that’s left in us should always matter and let’s not allow ourselves be blinded by the same old ‘Filipino’ way that was proven to fail us when it comes to development and nation re building. If we can’t completely copy other country’s standards, why not set our own?


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